Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Riders on the Storm

"I want to go to Mars."-Arnold Schwarzenegger, Total Recall.
  Yesterday Camp Liberty turned into the Red Planet.  I'm sitting in my office editing away when I noticed an orange glow coming through the window.  I stand up to peer through the window.  I try to focus in on Z-Lake just across the road.  But because of the gnarly dust storm that had blown in, I could not even see the road, much less the lake.  I thought I'd let the storm blow over before I walked to chow.  As my hopes faded with the dying daylight, in came the rain, pouring on the night.  So, the thing to do?  Remain seated at the editing bay and enjoy the ride.  It worked out well as I finished 99% of my project.  I walked back to my chu at about 2300.  Settled in for my beauty rest when the rain kicked up a notch.  Good deal, I thought, this will wash away all the dust in the air.  Woke up and looked outside the door.  Clear, cool, and sunny!  I was thinking I'd have a nice.... walk  to the MOC.  MUD!  Oh well, it will be really nice around here when daily temperatures are consistently over 110.     Aloha

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