Monday, December 1, 2008

The Fardette Slant

Characters of the 211th

1. Major Daneker- Whenever responding to our commander, remember this: There are many wrong answers. But there is always a correct answer. That correct answer is: Brett Favre

2. 1st Sgt. Martinez- A man of wisdom who once said, "When you make the right decions for the right reasons, things usually work out."

3. 1st Lt. Sarratt- "A combat veteran."

4. 1st Lt. Almodovar- Our humble, quiet, yet effective team leader of 1st squad.

5. 2nd Lt. Douglas- P.T. Warrior

6. SFC Quebec- "It is incumbent upon youuuu" to listen to SFC Quebec.

7. SFC Burke- Will provide the 211th with a nutritional breakfast which consitsts of...... doughnuts.

8. SSG Burrell- Enjoys a night on the town. Just ask the ladies (and gentlemen) of College Station.

9. SSG Ford- Staff Sergeant Ford is as cool as the other side of the pillow.

10. Sgt. Taylor- Has no skeletons in his closet. Possibly fritos in his molars.

11. Sgt. Zoeller- A good man to have on your side. He'll make sure you get paid.

12. Sgt. Risner- Crazy magazine head guy is actually crazy guitar hand guy. He's got a guitar stuck in his hands and he takes requests.

13. Sgt. Heise- Doesn't have a bad bone in her body. But, she does have a Diet Coke in her hand.

14. SPC Logue- Likes the San Antonio Spurs, but understands the Los Angeles Lakers are better.

15. SPC Alperin- There is not enough space on this blog (or adjectives in the dictionary) to give Specialist Alperin the attention he deserves.

16. SPC Anderson- Her hand is up, and she has a question or a comment.

17. SPC Mitchell- He will carry the guide on, just don't let him take off his boots.

18. PFC Johnson- Jersey Girl


SSG Burrell said...

A true cast of characters that would make even Walt Disney itch under his skin.

Top said...

I couldn't have written it better myself. SPC Fardette - he gives you in words what a great verbal impressionist would give you on stage - this is the 211th.